Avis partner: Mercedes-Benz - Circuit Weekend Road Trip


It has been pedal to the metal on the Mercedes-Benz partnership, producing our ‘Street Circuit Weekend’ content project. This will give us some fantastic content to promote our premium fleet and stimulate usage. All the preparations have been made, the locations selected and the talent sourced. The team will be on location next week, when filming commences, capturing some of the most visually stunning driving roads in France and Italy.

The presenter and influencers will land in Nice, collect their Mercedes from Avis, and begin their driving tour. Locations along the way include Route de la Turbie / Devil’s Pass, La Turbie, and Radicofani. The trip eventually finishes in Tuscany.

British radio presenter and car enthusiast Dan O’Connell has been selected as the main presenter. The two influencers and co-presenters are German athlete and travel boff Sunny Vee and Spanish travel writer Diana Miaus, who will feature in the Italian film and French film respectively.