Avis Vietnam BOM business trip in Malaysia


From 3-7/7/2018, AVIS Vietnam’s leaders visited and worked with AVIS Malaysia and also participated in AVIS Asia training for managers.

Participating in this business trip are the General Director of Minex and Chairwoman of AVIS Vietnam – Mrs Tran Thi To Dzung, and the Deputy Head of Minex Business, Mr. Nguyen Tien Duc.

Here, AVIS Vietnam representatives visited and worked with one of AVIS Budget’s successful subsidiaries – AVIS Malaysia, to learn about the management and business experience, and to search for cooperation opportunities.

Also within the framework of the trip, representatives of AVIS Vietnam together with AVIS leaders from Asian countries attended the “Leadership Training for Managerial Level of Avis Asia”, which focused on how to manage, maximize profits and gain the prestige, the love from customers.

During the course, Mrs. Tran Thi To Dzung gave a speech, introducing AVIS Vietnam, aiming to promote the image of the company, opening new directions for cooperation, sharing opportunities for success with international friends.