In order to extend to the Asian region, in 2008, AVIS Vietnam, under the name of An Hoa Phat Car Rental Co. Ltd, was established, became an integral part of AVIS Asia in particular and AVIS Budget in general.

Since its inception, AVIS Vietnam has inherited the value from AVIS International, and has plenty of room to grow in a young, dynamic market that is actively involved in the globalization process.

As a result, AVIS Vietnam has achieved initial success, specifically, in the period of 2012 – 2014, Avis Vietnam achieved the second fastest growth rate in Asia, behind only Taiwan; In 2016, Avis Budget awarded the “Asian long service Avis 5 years” award, and in 2018, the “Winning Spirit” award was presented at the AVIS Asia Conference.

Currently, AVIS Vietnam is the leading car rental company in Vietnam with the fleet contains more than 650 modern cars, mainly produced from 2016 to 2018, focusing on luxury cars such as Mercedes-benz, Toyota, Mitsubishi …; the fleet is also varied in terms of type, design, number of seats ranging from 4 to 29 seats.

Thanks to the outstanding advantages of global brand, quality and service, AVIS Vietnam is selected by many domestic and foreign customers. AVIS’s long term partners include Adidas Sourcing, 3M, Abbott, Airbus, Ajinomoto, Alpha King, Apple, Big C, ADMS.

With the head office in Hanoi and two more branches in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, AVIS Vietnam is trying harder to expand the system to other regions in order to fullfill the needs of our customers, making the company always the leader in the industry.