Introducing Avis Vietnam services


Established in 2008, Avis Vietnam is proud to be one of the first international car rental companies in Vietnam, with a nationwide coverage network, large organization scale and global standard quality service.

Currently, Avis Vietnam is owning more than 800 in our fleet, produced from 2016 to 2018, diversified in types, brands, spreading in the segment from economy cars to luxury ones in order to fulfill every needs of customers.

Rent-a-car service

This is a service that gains many customers attraction by its initiative and convenience. Customers only need to request, confirm the information then will be able to own a car at will. With rent-a-car service, weekend trips for the whole family will be easier and more enjoyable. With additional services such as car wifi, GPS, child seats, accessories … your family trip will be perfect.

For those who want to rent a car for work, short business trips or simply daily travel needs, this is a suitable service where customers can freely choose the car line as needed and enjoy the initiative of your own time.

Chauffeur drive service

If rent-a-car service offers a sense of freedom, the chauffeur drive service offers customers a relaxed, less anxiety for the journey.

With a team of professional drivers, well trained in accordance with international standards, safe driving, dedicated service, regular observation, listening, understanding the desire of customers, we confidently bring you the highest satisfaction.

Short-term car rental

With car lease contracts with a term of less than 1 month, we classify it into group of short-term car rental services. This is a service that many domestic and foreign tourists choose to meet the needs of exploring, visiting places of interest in Vietnam in a short time.

In addition, businesses are also interested in and often use this service, to help them more convenient to shuttle customers, partners, make short trips, meetings.

Long-term car rental

Car rental service with a period of more than 1 month is classified into long-term car rental service. This is the main service of Avis Vietnam, offered to both individual customers and corporate customers.

With long-term car rental services, customers have many advantages such as flexibility in term of contract, unlimited choice of car line, type of car, number of vehicles, no time and costs for operation maintenance, repair, freedom to choose the type of hired driver… Therefore, Avis Vietnam is currently the leading partner of the major international brands and businesses with branches in Vietnam. Nike, Adidas, Abbott, Airbus, Apple, Ajinomoto, Big C …

Fleet management service

In addition to our car rental service, we also provide our customers with professional fleet management services. Companies with large numbers of vehicles will not need to worry about coordinating, scheduling and managing their drivers. The executives of Avis Vietnam are arranged to work at the corporate headquarters in coordination with departments, thereby quickly resolving issues arising, operating the fleet smoothly, and ensuring the most convenient, flexible for each business.

Airport pick up/ drop off service

More than just a shuttle bus at the airport, Avis Vietnam’s airport pick up/ drop off service wants to enhance the experience and emotions to the most satisfaction. As such, we always try to meet more than the needs of our guests, conscientious, enthusiastic support, warm welcome, service thoughtful to help dispel fatigue after a long trip.