Overcome Vietnam's "hilarious" traffic with Avis


Vietnam is a beautiful country and is considered as one the top destinations for foreign visitors. However, there are still many difficulties that foreign visitors have to experience when being in Vietnam and one of those is its transportation.

In spite of some advantages as affordable public transportations fares, a comprehensive public transport system, friendly and helpful people, transport in Viet Nam still has some limits that raise the concern of visitors when they have to decide to travel in this country.

The language barrier
In big cities or tourism places, Vietnamese people can speak some English. However, when moving far of those, it is unlikely to meet an English speakers. As a resust, visitors may find it quite difficult to ask for information such as destination, bus stop, routine, ect.

Complex traffic
Many foreigners feel confused when witnessing traffic situation in Viet Nam.You may get stuck in traffic jams for hours and thus be late for your appointment or may be punished by traffic polices of going on the wrong lane or going into one-way street,..

Money and time consuming
Sometimes, you book a taxi but you have to wait for so long before it arrives. In addition to that, some drivers may not choose the shortest routine to your destination so that you will have to pay more. It’s very inconvenient and unsafe for your money.

Don’t let transportation makes your journey in Viet Nam less attractive! With Avis Vietnam all you need to do is registering and let us care the rest.

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