Are you ready to interrupting a busy work for the 2019 summer vacation with family and relatives? In my schedule, surely there is no shortage of travel plan, proper route and transportation? Let Avis Vietnam be your companion for your exciting vacation and enjoy the wonderful experience of summer 2019 !

Avis is always a professional tour guide

Avis Vietnam – America’s famous car rental brand has 3 main branches located in 3 big cities of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City so the tourist destinations that customers want to go to Avis always clearly understand. This interesting instructor’s information store gives you a good idea of ​​the best route, the best time and the car that suits you best … because Avis has a clear route for you !

Avis is a trust companion

As a global brand, Avis believes in its own capabilities, which is evidenced by its reputation in the car rental market and in the customers’ hearts. Avis is not only a car rental service provider, but also a companion to every moment of your journey! Not say too much because with the features of the new model with advanced safety features, air conditioning is the most pleasant way to bring comfort even when the day is hot and sunny, contributing a small part. make customers feel more excited because they are “given special attention”. Avis is ready to serve as a fulcrum to make customers feel secure even if they have trouble on the road, there is always a support team to keep you on a happy trip.

Young couple driving in car

Avis is inspirational

Behind a safe and emotional journey, it is the dedication, professionalism to every detail of Avis team for its customers. After each trip, the car Avis suddenly became a close friend, a “soulmate” that made us fall in love without wanting to leave. In order to return to our daily routine, we continue to flourish in our unlimited ideas, dreaming of endless trips and journeys with inspiring friends – Avis.

Let Avis be a trusted friend in the summer season waiting for you ahead! So why wait any longer to pick up the phone right away and call us under HOTLINE or book via page “Avis Vietnam”:

☎️ Ha Noi: 096.507.2009

☎ Da Nang : 096.555.5969

☎️ HCM city: 096.427.2009