Taiwan Online Travel Festival - 20% OFF Rent A Car Service


Today’s Taiwan is becoming one of the most popular tourist destination for not only for its beautiful scenery but also for its cultural, historical, and human values.

Called as the “Asian dragon”, with the most developed economy on the planet’s largest continent, with the modern and traditional interference creating a unique identity; Taiwan now become a wonderful destination for tourists to discover and enjoy life here.

Avis Vietnam is proud to bring you the opportunity to explore and experience this beautiful island with self-drive car rental service by one of the biggest car rental partners in Taipei: Avis Taiwan.


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AWD code /優惠代碼 C4484000
Booking Period / From / 从 : 2018/11/23
訂車期間 To / 到 : 2018/12/31
Pick up Period / From /从 : 2018/11/23
取車期間 To / 到 : 2019/6/30
Discount Percentage /優惠折扣 20% off


Terms and Conditions / 條款以及規定
• Offer bookable from 2018/11/1 to 2018/11/30
• Offer valid for rental pick-up from 2018/11/1 to 2019/6/30
• The saving of 20% discount is available at all AVIS locations in Taiwan.
• If any AWD number other than the one offered from this site is present in the rental booking, no discounts will be applied.
• If any AWD number other than the one offered on this site is in a customer’s Avis Preferred profile and used in the rental booking, no discounts will be applied and once booked, this cannot be reversed.
• Renter must meet standard Avis age, driver and credit requirements.
• Offer and Mileage accruals are based strictly on non-contracted rates only.
• Rentals made using Avis contracted (corporate/government) rates/AWDs, chauffeur-drive, or van rentals do not qualify for promotional/bonus miles. Travel industry staff rates, replacement/insurance rates, selected association programs, and net rate programs do not qualify for this promotion.
• Offer is subject to vehicle availability at the time of rental and may not be available on certain rates at certain times.
• Offer subject to change without notice.
• Optional products and refueling are extra.
• Car rental return restrictions may apply.

• 優惠訂車期間為 2018/11/1至2018/11/30。
• 優惠取車時間為2018/11/1至2019/6/30。
• 8折優惠適用於全台灣Avis站點。
• 預約租車時,若除了本網站提供的Avis優惠代碼 (AWD) 以外之其他優惠號碼顯示於訂單中,將不再享有額外折扣。
• 若客戶的AVIS Preferred資料中,若除了上述的優惠號碼以外之其他優惠號碼顯示於訂單中,將不再享有額外折扣。預約一經確認,恕不可更改。
• 承租人必須符 Avis所規定之年齡、駕駛人以及信用要求。
• 此方案及里程優惠僅適用於非特約之費率。
• 本活動僅適用於非特约客户。使用 AVIS合作伙伴合約(全球企業客戶/政府)價格/優惠代碼 (AWD) 之租車、代駕租車、小型貨車租賃,恕不可享此優惠。旅遊同業價格、更換/保險價、指定會籍計劃及淨價率計劃,恕不可享此優惠。
• 本優惠方案受限於各地區車款於租車期間的供給數量,某些時段可能無法提供特定費率的車輛。
• 本優惠方案若有修改,恕不另行通知。
• 加購選項產品以及加油費須另行計算。
• 租賃車還車限制可能適用。